Filariasis, respiratory disease, sexual health and infectious diseases are important components of our work

Our Research

The Institute undertakes high quality health research activities, provides evidence for relevant local action and policy, and contributes to the regional and global base of knowledge on major tropical health problems, by:

  • studying PNG major disease problems, investigating their causes, developing new interventions and evaluating their efficacy in the local setting
  • monitoring changes in disease patterns in PNG
  • assisting the Department of Health and other agencies in implementing new methods of preventing and treating diseases by providing evidence for local efficacy and relevance
  • monitoring and evaluating the impact of new lifestyles and methods for preventing and treating diseases
  • monitoring, evaluating and supporting major PNG health programs through health system and operational research.
  • maintaining full documentation of medical and scientific literature relevant to health in PNG
  • supporting health policy formulation through continuous dialogue and dissemination of research findings to local stakeholders and the wider community
  • assuring regional and global impact of research through the publication of research findings in major international health and medical research journals
  • increasing PNG’s contribution to major regional and global research initiatives through representations and presentations at international meetings and on expert committees.

In line with the National Health Plan, the core research activities of the Institute are concentrated both on the traditional main causes of illness and deaths, such as pneumonia, meningitis, tuberculosis or malaria and emerging diseases such as HIV/AIDS and more recently, pandemic influenza or cholera that pose serious threats to the community at large. In all these programs, the health of women and children, who are the most vulnerable members of society, are a particular focus.

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