Passion for scientific research – Dr Moses Laman
Dr Laman and PNGAAA Awardees

Dr Moses Laman head of the Vector Borne Disease Unit (VBDU) at PNGIMR was awarded the Alumni of the year award at the Inaugural award ceremony on 9th November 2017.

This award is the first of its kind that was hosted by the Papua New Guinea Australian Alumni Association (PNGAAA) in Port Moresby.

It was formed to gather nationals who have been privileged to study in Australia through the scholarships provided by the Australian Government.

Dr Laman encouraged all staff who had benefited from an AusAid scholarship to nominate someone or apply themselves to be eligible to be chosen for one of the 4 categories.

The award categories are: young award, innovation and entrepreneurship award, Aust. High commission women in leadership award and alumni of the year award.

For more information on the categories go to:

Since he began working with PNGIMR, Dr Laman has found his passion towards the work here at the Institute motivates him to contribute to medical health research in the country.

“The kind of work IMR does especially the scientific side; it is difficult to find an organization like this in the country,” said Dr Laman.

The scientific process of research done at the PNGIMR ensures quality which reverts to the output effectively influencing health policies for the good of Papua New Guineans.

Despite the challenges of maintaining quality outputs, PNGIMR approaching its 50th year since its establishment has conducted groundbreaking research.

With a smile on his face, Dr Laman said, “PNGIMR is a part of us all we must continue to promote the Institute and the work we do here in order to ensure we contribute to saving the lives of Papua New Guineans.”