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The Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research (IMR) is a world class research facility looking at ways to improve the health of the people of PNG.

Our headquarters is in Goroka in the Eastern Highlands and we have laboratories and research sites across PNG, including in Alotau, Hides, Madang, Maprik and Port Moresby.

Our team of more than 550 people includes national and international experts in areas such as malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, cervical cancer and filariasis. These researchers are supported by our administration and other staff, such as drivers, carpenters, cleaners and gardeners.

To conduct our studies, we travel by road, sea and air into the most remote areas of PNG. We work with both village and urban communities, collecting data and providing medical advice.

IMR is proud to foster the work of PNG’s young medical scientists through opportunities to join our rigorous training programs and to undertake further study here and abroad.

Explore our website, learn about our work and contact us if you need more information.

Professor Peter Siba
Director, IMR

  • 2017 Medical Symposium will be held from Sunday 3rd to Friday 8th September in Port Moresby.
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