Gender equity and empowerment ‐ Dr Janet Gare
Dr Janet Gare, Snr Scientist, PNGIMR

Gender equity is a concept that promotes men and women to work together from the household to the workplace. In Papua New Guinea gender equity and empowerment are being supported and encouraged as a significant shift towards development in our country today

The PNGIMR also believes in these social concepts and through the training committee has provided opportunities for staff to further develop their careers with studies. Dr Janet Gare recently successfully received her PhD in May 2017, making her the first female national to do so for the Institute.

“The institute is committed to staff capacity building and I proudly will say that the female staffs are leading the way in training. Currently, five of our female staff are undertaking their PhD studies and I believe more will be in the near future”, says Dr Gare.

It began for Dr Gare at a young age the aspiration and drives to be a rebel, to acknowledge opportunities and strive for the best. Her role model was her biological father who was born and raised in the colonial period (pre-independence). He left his village (Safa, Bena) as a young boy of 13 years of age and walked all the way to Kainantu to get a proper education. He was one of the few who completed their education and graduated with a certificate to get a formal employment.

Acknowledging her biological father ,Dr Gare said, ” His life story is full of hardships and sacrifices which motivated me to go extra further with education and obtain the highest degree to reward him of all his sacrifices. Without his sacrifices, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I have made my dad proud and I am happy I did that.”

Now back at work Dr Gare still challenges herself as she stated that: ” I am playing a more senior role and have bigger responsibilities than pre PhD era. My responsibilities have extended out of science to include unit administration, staff management, project management and endless field work consultation.”

Dr Gare is a keen supporter for staff to pursue further studies for their careers and says, ” Anyone can do a PhD. If your heart is set to it, go get it. Nothing is impossible. But come back and serve the Institute and your country- make good use of your PhD.”