The French Ambassador, Phillippe Janvier-Kamiyama made a short visit to the PNG Institute of Medical Research (PNGIMR) in Goroka this morning. He was accompanied by Alexandre Lafargue, representative of the government of New Caledonia to Papua New Guinea.
Their visit was to establish contact and discuss potential collaboration and partnership into the future. “I’ve come to realize that this institute is very important in PNG in terms of providing full data and final results of the different infectious diseases. I am happy to have come here,” said the ambassador.
According to PNGIMR Director, Professor William Pomat, “Through the French Ambassador, we can share and exchange ideas with the French Government, build collaboration between our institute and the Pasteur Institute in New Caledonia and also form partnerships to seek funding from the European Union and other sources to conduct research into diseases including dengue, leptospirosis, antibiotic resistance and many more.”