Dr William Pomat is the Director of the PNG Institute of Medical Research

Dr William Pomat

Dr William Pomat formerly heads IMR’s Infection and Immunology Unit. His research focuses on respiratory disease vaccine immunology, particularly pneumonia, which is a major cause of death and hospitalisation in PNG. He coordinates field and laboratory research on pneumococcal vaccine trials to determine the best schedules for PNG.

Since joining the Institute in 1987, Dr Pomat has worked towards assessing immune responses of children to Streptococcus pneumonia with aim of having a vaccine introduced into the national schedule. He has vast experience in pneumococcal serology and pneumococcal immunology and has contributed to the body of knowledge in this field in PNG and internationally. He is also Deputy Chair and Secretary of the Institutional Review Board.

Dr Pomat has a BSc from the University of PNG, a MSc from the University of New South Wales and a PhD from the University of Western Australia

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