PNGIMR’s Senior scientific officer delivers virtual training

PNGIMR’s Senior Scientific Officer Serah Kurumop has been presenting virtually at a training on the Continuous Quality Improvement of the Malaria Program. She has been telling development partners and malaria staff from the provincial and national malaria programs about the sixth national health facility survey for malaria PNGIMR’s malaria control team (known as MalCon) in Goroka is conducting.The last survey was done in 2016. The results from that survey found a disturbing decline in the availability of malaria diagnostic equipment and antimalarials in health facilities across PNG. The current survey will show if that trend has continued or if the availability of supplies has improved.


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We conduct cross-disciplinary research on the most important infectious diseases in PNG, focusing on respiratory and enteric infections.

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We conduct studies in order to understand and find new methods to diagnose, treat and prevent malaria, filariasis and other mosquito borne diseases.

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Our Mission is to conduct policy-relevant clinical, laboratory, qualitative and health systems research to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women and men in Papua New Guinea.

Population health & demography

An efficient, comprehensive and effective health system is an essential pre-requisite to good health in any country. Unfortunately, the health system in PNG is beset with many problems, including such things as deteriorating infrastructure, an aging workforce, unreliable national health information and the difficulties inherent in providing health care to rural and remote populations.

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