PNG Institute of Medical Research

The Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research (IMR) is a world class research facility looking at ways to improve the health of the people of Papua New Guinea.

The Institute was established in 1968 as a statutory body. It is governed by a 6-member council that reports to the Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS.

It is headed by the Director, supported by two deputy directors for science and corporate affairs.

IMR’s research targets malaria, pneumonia, filariasis, respiratory disease, sexual health, malnutrition and much more.

We employ more than 500 staff - many are national and international experts in their fields.

Our Vision

To improve the health and well-being of Papua New Guineans

Our Mission

To conduct research on the major medical health problems in PNG, that supports the development of health services in PNG and contributes to global knowledge and innovations in health.

Our Research Objectives

  • Mosquito-Borne Diseases, Respiratory Diseases
  • Diarrhoeal Diseases
  • Sexual Health including HIV/AIDS
  • Infectious Diseases (bacterial, viral, parasitic) surveillance, diagnosis and therapies
  • Operational research including social sciences and health systems research

Our Research Units